About Us

What we do.

Mill on the Floss Samplers was set up by Michele Moulin White to combine her love of antique needlework and social history.
Michele seeks out and buys beautiful antique samplers and then takes each stitch and puts it onto a grid. Then a model is stitched using linen and silk matched as close as possible to the original.

The final booklet contains a full coloured chart with both symbol and colour references. There are stitching tutorials for all the stitches in that particular chart and conversion charts for the threads used.

The name of the company, of course, is taken from the novel by George Eliot, where the fictional mill of Dorlcote, sits on the banks of the fictional river Floss.  My Mill on the Floss is a play on the title.  The “Mill” comes from my maiden name “Moulin” which translates from the French, and the “Floss” is not a river, but the thread we use to create our wonderful artworks. I wish I could complete the story but saying that we live in an old converted mill, but we do not.  Our home, lovingly called “Bonkers Farm” due to its quirkiness, is a granite farmhouse dating from 1751, which we share with our 6 tabby cats, 16 hens and two cockerels, Barnaby and his son Boris.

The irony, of course, is that the heroine of  “The Mill on the Floss”, Maggie Tulliver, had no time at all for these feminine pursuits.  When I read what she had to say about patchwork…

“It’s foolish work……tearing things to pieces to sew ‘em together again.”

…I can just picture her, sitting sullenly over her needle, linen scrunched in her hand, stained with the blood of numerous prickings!

Our charts are printed in full colour, with both colour and symbol blocks and thread legends for both DMC and Au vers a soie d’Alger silk.  For each new release, we stitch a model, using AVAS and Zweigart linen.

All our booklets come, where possible with a fully researched biography and a timeline of the historical events, which were the backdrop to the young stitcher’s life.

I hope that you enjoy following in the footsteps of these amazing, and mostly very young stitchers, as much as I have. I have tried to bring these wonderful girls to life as much as possible