About Us

Having set up Mill on the Floss Samplers, to share my ever-increasing collection of antique samplers, I found it wasn't easy to purchase suitable linen on this side of the pond, so I started to dye my own, and Tabbycat Hand-dyed Linen was born. We now supply stockists and customers world-wide, and proudly supply linen to some of the industry's most popular reproduction sampler designers. It is a completely artisan, business. We, (my husband Max is the chief linen cutter and presser) do everything by hand. The water we use comes from our spring and we dye in small batches of usually no more than 5 yards, which makes every piece unique. All of this is run from our Normandy farmhouse, which we share with our 6 tabby cats, a variety of hens, our cockerel Boris, and various strays which join us from time to time. As the linen side of the business has taken over, it seemed sensible to combine both under one name, and that is why you will still find Mill on the Floss sampler charts on the site. These will be re-branded as reprints become necessary. Whilst we specialise in linens more suited to the reproduction antique samplers, we are happy to design bespoke colours for any project. Some our bespoke colours, have become part of our regular catalogue. We hope that you can find what you are looking for but if not, we can be contacted, either via Facebook, Instagram or by email tabbycatonline@outlook.com. Thank you for visiting us. Michele