Tabby Cat Hand-dyed Linen – Sahara Sand


Zweigart 100% linen.

This is a variegated linen close to DMC 3862 with shades of 437/632/3772

Fabric is sold in multiples of a fat eighth.  If you order more than one, it will be sent as a complete piece unless otherwise requested.

Please do not order in odd numbers, 3,5,etc as it may delay your order whilst we ascertain the size of fabric that you require.  Chose <Custom Linen Cut> and send us your pattern details.

For more information please refer to the Description tab below.

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Our fabrics are hand-dyed with quality textiles dyes and we make every effort to ensure that the finished product is as colour fast and light fast as possible.  It also means that each piece is individual and no two pieces will be exactly the same in mottling or the degree of distress.

Although we follow the same dying process each time, please understand that we dye in small batches and therefore, there maybe sight variations between dye lots.  Please ensure that you order sufficient fabric for any companion pieces that you wish to stitch.

As some shrinkage may occur during the dying processing all sizes given are approximate.

Colour references given are only an indication of shade and are not to be taken as exact matches.

Thread Count

36, 37, 40, 46, 47, 56

Fabric Sizes


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