**NEW RELEASE** Sarah Drabble 1840 – PDF Download


Sarah Drabble stitched this sweet and poignant sampler in memory of her baby daughter Mary Elizabeth.   This is an adaptation of the original. Some colours have been changed and some stitch placement moved.

The PDF file includes charts for both the adaptation and the original sampler.  In addition, as memorial samplers are not to everyone’s taste, the PDF also includes an adaptation which could be stitched as a Celebration of Birth sampler.  An alphabet and graph paper have been included to help with this.

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Thread Legend

Linen Sizes

28 count: Design size 11¼  x 11¼        Fabric size 17¼   x 17¼

32 count:  Design size 9¾                      Fabric size 15¾ x 15¾

36 count:  Design size 8¾ x 8¾           Fabric size 16¾ x 16¾

40 count:  Design size 7¾ x 7¾            Fabric size 13¾ x 13¾

45 count:  Design size 7¼ x 7¼             Fabric size 13¼ x 13¼


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