Ann Leigh 1835 – Printed Book


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Ann is a relatively large sampler with a design area of 341 stitches (h) by 393 stitches (w).  Her original sampler measures almost 26″x 26″ and is stitched in crewel wool on loose weave linen close to 28ct.  It has never been framed but very neatly hemmed and then spent a very long time, folded up in a draw.  The original colours have therefore retained their vibrancy and the model was stitched with AVAS silk matched to the front of the sampler on 40ct Zweigart Linen in Summer Khaki.  It is stitched mainly in cross stitch over two threads, with part of the verse over one and there is a small amount of satin stitch and Algerian eyelet stitch, making it suitable for an ambitious beginner.

It is a sampler is packed with detail and Ann has used her linen well. There is a central motif of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, underneath a rainbow spanning two large pillars, complete with apple tree and serpent. Pots of flowers top the pillars and either side are motifs of birds and plants and two milkmaids, possibly Jersey milkmaids? Above the rainbow is the verse:

Self Examination

At Evening to myself I say,
My soul where hast thou glean’d today,
Thy labours how best to wed?
What has thou rightly said or done?
What grace attain’d or knowledge won
In following after God?

                           Charles Wesley ( 1707-1788)

 Above the verse are random motifs of moths, strawberries and two very strange looking animals and the whole sampler is bordered by a pretty honeysuckle border.

The booklet is produced in full colour with both colour and symbol blocks and there is a page overlap of 5 rows for ease of use when changing pages. There are thread legends for both AVAS and DMC conversions and a full history of Ann and her descendants.




Thread Legend


Noir    301   Black
516     580   Moss Green dark
525     830   Golden Olive dark
612     337   Black Brown
935     666   Christmas Red bright (x2)
1023    335   Rose
1313    209   Lavender dark
2214    732   Olive Green
2514    725   Topaz
2516    780   Topaz ultra very dark
2531    745   Yellow light pale
2912   3779  Terracotta ultralight
3026   3687  Mauve dark
3726    890   Pistachio Green ultra dark (x2)
4215    300   Mahogany very dark
4626    902   Garnet very dark
4632    778   Antique Mauve very light
4635    315   Antique Mauve medium dark
5022    503   Blue Green medium

Linen Sizes

The design area is 341 stitches (w) x 393 stitches (h).  Fabric calculations include a 3” border for finishing and framing.  The sampler is stitched in cross stitch, with a small amount of satin stitch and some Algerian eye stitch.  It is suitable for a beginner who wishes to expand their stitch repertoire.

28 count: Design size 24½” x 28”      Fabric size 30½” x 34″
32 count: Design size 21½” x 24½”   Fabric size 27½”x 30½”
36 count: Design size 19” x 22”          Fabric size 25” x 28”
40 count: Design size 17” x 19½”       Fabric size 23” x25½”